Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Like the song says.

-Nop, the song says "love is in the air", you silly-

Er... yeah Pelos, thanks for the correction ¬¬X , now go to wash your face, you dirty cat!

Ejem, as I was saying, I LOVE spring!! I've born in this season and everything smells to spring now!! *_*

The things I like the most abut spring are


Strawberrys!! (cost=1kg x usd$1)

Season's fruits =9

Mango (cost= 1 kg usd$1.2)

Flowers! (of course)

(they're for free =D)

I would love to celebrate easter like in the US, with bunnies, eggs and chocolates but here, we "celebrate" (I think is not the word, but... oh well...) in other ways , it's more a spiritual thing. I'm not saying I don't like it but I don't have sweet memories of this kind of tradition.
I can only remember me, standing under the sun, listening to the Father saying incomprehensible things to me at that time, in an "via crucis" which my mother took me once u_u.
We called this week "semana santa" (holy week).
Yesterday was the "domingo de ramos" (palm sunday).Many people went to the church, to bless their palms. Many merchants offers their craft palms.


Click to enlarge



Every year I like to see this craft and always I buy one. Well, this year I bought more =P


My favorite was this:


Is a little chalice made of palm (cost=usd$ 0.9)
Isn't beautiful? *_*
Well... I hope you enjoy this post, next "mexico life" post will be about "pan dulce" , (sweet bread) n_n
Fin ♥


Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

hola,como has estado?
Bonitas fotos;aqui tambien ya estan los dias muy bonitos,agradables,templados.

Unknown said...

Necky, These are fabulous pictures! I never get to see things like this. We celebrate more spiritually than many Americans. For us, tomorrow is more about Christ's resurrection and what that means for us than about Easter eggs. We will go to church in the morning as we always do, but then plan to go to the beach for the day in Galveston.

I love the chalice and all the palm leaf ornaments! Thanks for sharing about your home!

PS. Love the new look on your blog!