Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Little pouch and little presents

I made this little pouch for my sister, who loves rabbits.

And finish the fabric bags I mentioned in a previous post. I filled them with some candies.

these bags are for an orphanage's children. My aunt told me about them and she's organizing a toy's donation with her friends. But what kind of Christmas would be without candies? When I was a child, the candies were one of the best gifts I had received. Hope they like this little present ^^.

In other news, I'm going to travel for vacations with my family and I'll be back in january 6th, so this is a little good bye!

I can only wish you a MERRY Christmas and hope you have a nice time with your family and beloved persons! n_n

See you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little walk in the city

a few days ago I went to walk in the middle of the city, to a avenue called Reforma.In the mexican folklore, it's a tradition to put a "nacimiento" (literally Birth), made of different materials wich represent the Jesus birth .There were many of them, but this was my favorite.

Very detailed ^^

Few steps over, there was a lots of piñatas wich is a clay container filled with candies and fruits. Is decorated with cardboard and paper of many colors. The tradition says the piñata must be a seven-pointed star wich represent the seven capital sins and the stick for break it is the "power of God". Well...now the piñatas have different forms like bugs, famous tv characters, cars,etc.


I liked this colorful piñata

And this one


later the nigh falls and the "most bigger christmas tree in the world" was switching-on (or so they said)


Sure it was huge *_*


there was a lot of people!

Was a really nice walk!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy days

Last friday, my boyfriend bought me these beautiful fabrics *_*. Now I'm thinking what can I do?

I was so happy because lately I had no money ¡_¡ . He has been a great support to me since I quit my job and always supported my "creative stages" jujuju. First was jewelry, then bookbinding, painting and sewing now ! (god, how much money have I spent?!).

But before I digress , I must finish some things, like this colorful scarf (the yarn is another gift from him ^^)

And the most important thing, these little fabric bags for some gifts that I'm planning to do

Gosh, my back is killing me! (mental note: get up every half hour to rest >_<)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My first patchwork

I just finished this patchwork furoshiki following this mairuru's tutorial. I've never did nothing with patchwork but I wanted do something and here is it.

But what is a furoshiki?
Is a square of fabric about 50-60 cms and can be used in many ways.I use it as a lunchbox and when I go to the grocery store for few things. Here an example:
Put the things you want to wrap on the furoshiki's center

Then do this

and the other side
and finally tie up the ends with double knot

Here a page with other examples.This is a great idea for use fabric instead of plastic! PLEASE try it!
Thanks Mairuru for this tutorial ^_^
Sorry if my english wasn't correct.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giveaway time

Yesterday begun the great giveaway day of sew mama sew. I Would have liked to enter but righ now I'm broke T_T. I wanna enter next time!

This is a perfect opportunity to discover new things in the blog world. Personally I visited many links with cool blogs and shops but these are my favorites:

Rosa e chocolate: I love her patchwork!! such a cute bookcovers *_*

A bit of this and bit of that: Beautiful dolls designs!! and here's her giveaway

La vida compartida: She has gorgeous quilts, and besides is mexican like me! ^.^

Chubby Hubby: She have some useful tutorials

and so many others that I'm following now! Please visit their blogs =D

edit:I add other GREAT giveaway

Ana Michelle Quilts: Gorgeous Quilts, I must say it!

I'm gonna cross my fingers!!! XD

Monday, November 30, 2009

Jealous Cat

the past few days,I made these cat collars with cotton fabric.

Two was for my boyfriend's cats,choco and moky. I stitched a bells on them because they love it and also I embroidered their names.I hope they like it ^^

I made one with ribbon for Minimiu, my cat who goes crazy with bells.She seems to like it n_n

but somebody wasn't happy....

I didn't made one for her (Pelos) because she's always rubbing on the dirty earth and besides is very naughty!! Maybe later, if she behaves. ¬¬x

Have a good day ^^

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm still sick

yeah, again i'm sick, this is a curse or something!! ok, I must be optimistic.
Something that made me happy was this cel case, made by my friend jin ^^

isn't cute? I was really happy because somebody gets inspiration for something I made!

after this quick post,have a good day =D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm sick....¡_¡

Yeah, this time I have a terrible flu that make me feel like my brain is dripping through my nose >_< ,argh.

Anyways, I can't stay in bed then I made this wallet, embroidery by hand.

It's a fox running (or something like that ^^)

And i made this cell case too....but it turned out kinda simplethe black fabric was cheap but inadequate for this purpose

Maybe I should buy more of this buttons, they look good as eyes!
My head hurts...I hope you have a good day!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gift wrapping ideas

Why buy a expensives boxes or paper bags to wrap a gift this Christmas when you can make it more cheaper and customizable? If you're short of money, this can be a good option, and will be more appreciated for do it with your own hands! ^^

Cut a piece of fabric, I use jute this time.It can be as bigger as you want but it's better for small gifts. Fold it in half (this will be the size of the bag)

and start sewing one side.....

....and then the other side...

you can cut the border like this:

Finally tie it with a strip of the same fabric or thick thread
and that's it!.Easy n_n

Soon more ideas

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day of the Death

Today is the day of the death, a festivity full of color and flavors where the souls of the children "visit" their relatives the night of the november 1st and the others do it in the next night.In those days, people put an altar with elements that have meaning and purpose but specially, the food that was favorite of our dead.

This time I visited a little town near my city called Tepotzotlán

They put many altars, mostly made for the children of elementary school.
I loved this colorful sugar skull!!
and this tiny altar (there was many of them)
Is said that you must guide the souls of your deads with candles and cempasuchitl flowers. They put fruits, food, photos, sugar skulls,pan de muerto (a bread with bone's shape)..even toys! if the altar is a for a child...¡_¡
In the cementary, people clean the graves and their purpose is stay the night and eat tipical food in honor of their deads. It's a way to share love with them.
Note:this photo was taken in mixquic, another place near the city and I took it from this site. You can read a great description of the celebration in this site.
Finally (uuuf) this is a photo from the exposition entrance.The full moon looks beautiful *_*
I hope you have enjoyed this post n_n

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hi there

I'm very excited with this first post!! =D. You must Know that my native language is spanish and sorry if you found some grammatical mistakes. I decided to make this blog to share the things I like and to improve my english!!
Please feel free to correct me if you want ^^