Sunday, December 6, 2009

My first patchwork

I just finished this patchwork furoshiki following this mairuru's tutorial. I've never did nothing with patchwork but I wanted do something and here is it.

But what is a furoshiki?
Is a square of fabric about 50-60 cms and can be used in many ways.I use it as a lunchbox and when I go to the grocery store for few things. Here an example:
Put the things you want to wrap on the furoshiki's center

Then do this

and the other side
and finally tie up the ends with double knot

Here a page with other examples.This is a great idea for use fabric instead of plastic! PLEASE try it!
Thanks Mairuru for this tutorial ^_^
Sorry if my english wasn't correct.


Karen L R said...

Hi Gracie. Thanks for your thoughtful comment over at my blog. I LOVE this idea of making and using such a pretty wrap for groceries! Nicely done.

Shona Cole said...

this is such a lovely idea, and so well done too. thank you for sharing.

thanks also for stopping by my blog :)


Anonymous said...

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