Friday, December 16, 2011

Very busy

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm not dead yet, I'm just VERY busy studying for a VERY VERY hard exam that I will take on january.I'm sad because I let my crafty life for a moment but I hope this would worth it.
In other things, this year I didn't make it in time to participate in the sew mama sew giveaway (again). I always start the year thinking about that and then when I see the blog ,the event has already begun! X( .Well, I hope I finally can participate next year.
And speaking of which, I'm preparing myself for the next and first blog event of "Our World, Our Art" that Lisa Swifka will be holding (the creator of "One World One Heart" that this year had over 1000 participants!) .Anyone who have an artsy spirit can participate, see more info here!

Once I finish my exam, I will retake the "Pay it forward" thing that I MUST to acomplish too!! I will make really cute things that nobody could refuse to participate =p.

since I have nothing to show you this time, I leave you with a photo of my three little cats:


PD. Forgive me if me english is wrong please! It's very difficult for me to write in another language