Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Like the song says.

-Nop, the song says "love is in the air", you silly-

Er... yeah Pelos, thanks for the correction ¬¬X , now go to wash your face, you dirty cat!

Ejem, as I was saying, I LOVE spring!! I've born in this season and everything smells to spring now!! *_*

The things I like the most abut spring are


Strawberrys!! (cost=1kg x usd$1)

Season's fruits =9

Mango (cost= 1 kg usd$1.2)

Flowers! (of course)

(they're for free =D)

I would love to celebrate easter like in the US, with bunnies, eggs and chocolates but here, we "celebrate" (I think is not the word, but... oh well...) in other ways , it's more a spiritual thing. I'm not saying I don't like it but I don't have sweet memories of this kind of tradition.
I can only remember me, standing under the sun, listening to the Father saying incomprehensible things to me at that time, in an "via crucis" which my mother took me once u_u.
We called this week "semana santa" (holy week).
Yesterday was the "domingo de ramos" (palm sunday).Many people went to the church, to bless their palms. Many merchants offers their craft palms.


Click to enlarge



Every year I like to see this craft and always I buy one. Well, this year I bought more =P


My favorite was this:


Is a little chalice made of palm (cost=usd$ 0.9)
Isn't beautiful? *_*
Well... I hope you enjoy this post, next "mexico life" post will be about "pan dulce" , (sweet bread) n_n
Fin ♥

Friday, March 26, 2010

Girly things


This is called "crossed estructures" bookbinding. I like it because you can do a lot of variations.

Esto se llama encuadernación de "estructuras cruzadas". Me gusta por que puedes hacer muchas variaciones.


I made it with this pink leather, the sewing was a torture.. >_< La hice con esta piel rosa, la costura fué una tortura >_<

And speaking of tortures...look at what my sister did to me!!

Y hablando de torturas... miren lo que me hizo mi hermana!!


I'm not much of this girly things, my sister is taking a nails course and she needed a victim, I must admit that looks nice BUT (yeah, the great but) I can't do anything!. I can't draw, I can't cook, I can't type in the laptop (well, I can but very slowly) and what's worst: I CAN'T SEW!!! ¡_¡, for that reason, I will remove them tomorrow u_u.

No soy mucho de estas cosas de chicas, mi hermana está tomando un curso de uñas y necesitaba una victima, debo admitir que se ven bonitas PERO (si, el gran pero) no puedo hacer nada! no puedo dibujar, no puedo cocinar, no puedo escribir en la laptop (bueno si, pero muy lento) y lo que es peor: NO PUEDO COSER!! ¡_¡ por esa razón mañana me las quitaré u_u

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!

Bueno, espero que tengan un buen fin de semana!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's make a drawing

Que oondaa!

This time I wanna show you how to make a simple drawing with coffee. I know I know, this kind of things doesn't need a tutorial but a little explanation doesn't hurt uh?


What do you need?

-a little piece of cloth
-thick paper. preferable fabriano 200 gr. or something similar
-1 teaspoon of soluble coffee (of course)

Here we go!

First, add a few drops of water in the coffee previously placed in the Godet


Divide the coffee and add more drops of water to make it clearer. You can work with three tones: dark, medium and light


ready to work!

make a simple sketch with pencil


Begin adding the clear shades. You need to visualize where the shadows and lights will be.Use the cloth to remove the excess of water


Add medium and dark shades...


and finally it's time to begin the inking! (well... I like to ink my drawings but you can use your pencil) I use this technical pen filled with sepia ink XD


and this is the final result


that's all! It's quite easy!! please try it, I would love to see your creations n__n. Was difficult to write these instructions in english O_O, if you find mistakes, please tell me, that way I can improve my english to write more tutorials!

If you have read this long and maybe bored post, you deserve my appreciation!

I want to tell you something: next week is my birthday and I want to celebrate with all of you!! that's why I will make a little giveaway. What I will given away? it's a surprise!! but one thing is for sure: crafty supplies are involved: laces, threads, buttons, beads, all those things we love so much XD.Rules: you only need to leave a comment in THIS POST ONLY, that's all! easy right? In april 1st, we'll have a winner!

Cambio y fuera

Friday, March 19, 2010

Saquito gatil

For my bookbinding course, the teacher asked us to make a little sack filled with rice to make it heavy. She suggested filling a sock with rice, but I thought, why not do something cute?

Para mi curso de encuadernación, la maestra nos pidió hacer un pequeño saquito relleno con arroz para hacerlo pesado.Ella sugirió rellenar un calcetín con arroz, pero pensé: por qué no hacer algo más bonito?



This little sack is used to put weight on the sheets that will be stitched

Este pequeño saco se usa para poner peso sobre las hojas que serán cosidas


since it's filled with rice, it can be used as a pincushion too!

Ya que está relleno de arroz, puede ser usado como alfiletero también!

However, there's something I didn't like , some parts contracted! (ok, I'm not so sure about this word, how can you call this?)

Sin embargo, hay algo que no me gustó, algunas partes se fruncieron!!

(click to enlarge)

You know something to prevent this?? ¡_¡

Saben algo para prevenir esto?

Cambio y fuera

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Wreck this journal" and a giveaway to share

Yep, Susan at Pieces of Fate, proposes this interesting activity. Here where I live can't get the "original" journal but that's not an obstacle to do it because Susan has been writing all the instructions! Thanks a lot Susan!

Sip, Susan de "Pieces of Fate", propone esta interesante actividad. Aquí donde vivo no se puede conseguir el diario "original" pero eso no es un obstáculo para hacerlo por que Susan ha estado escribiendo todas las instrucciones! Muchas gracias Susan!


My hand after the painting part

Mi mano después de la parte pinturil =p


I have written many journals but this particular one has fun activities you can do with friends, boyfriend, childrens, even pets! (Minimiú helped me with the fingerprint part, jo jo).For more details, go to Susan's Blog! You can join us!

He escrito muchos diarios pero este en particular tiene actividades divertidas que puedes hacer con amigos, novi@, hijos, incluso mascotas! (Minimiu me ayudó con la parte de huellas, jojo). Para más detalles, visita el blog de Susan! Puedes unirtenos!

Speaking of others bussiness, I wanna invite you to participate in "29 days of giveaways!" that Brendalea is having in her blog, can you imagine that?? 29 days of giveaways O_O sure she is a very generous person! I would do the same if I had the money.....snif T_T, but the act of given away is more than giving a gift, like she says, so... I give you my love, my creativity and ALL my charm! XD , juajuajua (just a joke)

Hablando de negocios ajenos, quiero invitarlos a participar en "29 días de giveaways"! que Brendalea está teniendo en su blog, pueden imaginarlo?? 29 días de giveaways O_O seguro que ella es una persona muy generosa! yo haría lo mismo si tuviera el dinero ....snif T_T, pero el acto de dar es más que dar un regalo, como ella dice, asi que....les doy mi cariño, mi creatividad y TODO mi encanto! XD juajuajua (solo bromeo)

well....what are you waiting for? hurry! go to Brendalea's blog! and don't forget to visit her EVERY DAY!

Bueno... que esperan? rápido! vayan al blog de Brendalea!! y no olvides visitarla CADA DIA!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Show and tell

Today's Friday of "show and tell" at Donna's blog, I already made my contribution and why you don't join us? ^^ you only need to send her a photo of your current project and some info about it. Please visit her blog for more details.

Hoy es viernes de "mostrar y describir" en el blog de Donna, yo ya hice mi contribución y por qué no te nos unes? ^^ solo necesitas mandarle una foto de tu proyecto actual y algo de información sobre él. Por favor visita su blog para más detalles.

I leave you with this simple drawing I made to experiment with "coffee ink"

Los dejo con este sencillo dibujo que hice para experimentar con "tinta café"


Have a grrreat weekend! XD

Tengan un buen fin de semana!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bla Bla

Look what the postman brought yesterday!

Miren lo que trajo el cartero ayer!


I was so excited!! XD There's lots of cute things inside!

Me emocioné! XD hay muchas cosas lindas dentro!


This is the second giveaway I won in the OWOH party =D THANK YOU SO MUCH Marissa!!

Este es el segundo regalo que gané en la fiesta OWOH =D MUCHAS GRACIAS Marissa!

In other news, I got an award! is something special to me because someone thought my blog has something good, even if is a little good thing. I received this from Juliet . Thank you! Your blog is very special for me n_n

En otras noticias, tengo un reconocimiento! es algo especial para mí porque alguien pensó que mi blog tiene algo bueno, aún si es una pequeña cosa buena. Recibí esto de Juliet. Gracias!. Tu blog es muy especial para mí n_n.

Now to the rules of this award:/Las reglas para este reconocimiento son:

1.-Place the logo within your blog or post /pon el logo en tu blog o en algún post

2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers / pasa el reconocimiento a 12 blogs

3. Link the nominees within the post /Linkea a los nominados en el post

4. Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog /hazles saber a los nominados que han recibido el reconocimiento dejando un comentario en su blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award / comparte el cariño y linkea a la persona de quien has recibido el reconocimiento (conste que no son mis reglas ehh)

Here are my twelve nominees ,I choosen the blogs that have left something to me:

Aquí están mis doce nominados, los elegí por que sus blogs han dejado algo en mí:

1.-Chubby Hobby


3.-Mola Coser


5.-La vida compartida

6.- Very purple person

7.-An artful life

8.-MDW's Love

9.-Pieces of fate

10.-Faerie dust dreams

11.-Cristali Designs

12.-Comin' home

I don't care if you don't link me, or even if you decide don't pay attention to this award, I only want you to know that your blog have touched my life =D

No me importa si no me linkeas, incluso si deciden no poner atención a este reconocimiento, solo quiero que sepan que su blog ha tocado mi vida =D

Well.... I have to take a rest.....

Bueno.... tengo que descansar...


Err.... better I'll go to work.. u_u

Eh.....mejor me voy a trabajar... u_u


Saturday, March 6, 2010


I finally did it!! I finished ALL the 26 charms , was a little of hard work but I'm relaxed and satisfied now n__n.
Here's a little of the "making of":

Finalmente lo hice! Terminé TODOS los 26 "charms", fué un poco de trabajo duro pero ahora estoy relajada y satisfecha.
Aquí un poco del "making of":


Cutting all the pieces/cortando todas las piezas

The design of Alice was a hell X_X/El diseño de Alicia fué un infierno

After designing, cutting, hand sewing... they were ready to be packed

Después de diseñar, cortar, coser a mano... estuvieron listos para ser empacados.


I think the rabbit is prettier than it should have been O_o. I'm totally satisfied with the chesire cat, with that huge and naughty smile.I was inspired by a image of the book, with the cat hiding behind the leaves.

Pienso que el conejo es más bonito de lo que deberpia haber sido O_o. Estoy totalmente satisfecha con el gato de Chesire, con esa enorme y traviesa sonrisa. Me inspiré en una imagen del libro, con el gato escondiendose detrás de las hojas de los árboles.

I made three designs of Alice and finally I decided for this. Don't you think she looks like "Clara Seseman" of the anime Heidi? (except for the apron of course).
Well... I hope the girls likes the things I made ^^.

Hice tres diseños de Alicia y finalmente me decidí por este. No creen que se parece a Clara Seseman del anime Heidi? (excepto por el delantal, claro).
Bueno, espero que a las chicas les guste!!

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This and that

Look what the postman brought! I was very happy when I saw it ^ ^

Miren lo que trajo el cartero!! Me puse muy contenta cuando lo ví ^^



Isn't beautiful? *_* / no es hermoso?

the little box containing the bracelet is so cute too. I received this bracelet from the giveaway I won from SAMSTUFF . Thanks Shelley! I really love it!

La cajita que contiene el brazalete es muy bonita también. Recibí este brazalete de un regalo que gané de SAMSTUFF. Gracias Shelley! Realmente me encantó!

In other subjects, I made this mini wallet, following the instructions of this tutorial. Very clear!

En otro tema, hice esta pequeña cartera. siguiendo las instrucciones de este tutorial. Muy claro!



I made it with cotton fabrics. I'm planning to give it to my boyfriend because I don't carry cards, in fact I have no more than my ID card! ¬¬

La hice con tela de algodón. Planeo dársela a mi novio por que yo no cargo tarjetas, de hecho no tengo mas que mi IFE! ¬¬

and finally, I enter in this charm swap. Sounds like fun! I'm looking for inspiration, because many of the artists make jewelry and beautiful things. I have to keep up!

y finalmente, entré a este intercambio de "charms". Suena divertido! estoy buscando inspiración por que muchos de los artistas hacen joyería y cosas hermosas. Tengo que estar a la altura!

I must make 26 charms! I must hurry to have them in time. o_ou

Tengo que hacer 26 "charms"!! Debo apurarme para tenerlos a tiempo o_ou.

Have a nice day ^^