Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bla Bla

Look what the postman brought yesterday!

Miren lo que trajo el cartero ayer!


I was so excited!! XD There's lots of cute things inside!

Me emocioné! XD hay muchas cosas lindas dentro!


This is the second giveaway I won in the OWOH party =D THANK YOU SO MUCH Marissa!!

Este es el segundo regalo que gané en la fiesta OWOH =D MUCHAS GRACIAS Marissa!

In other news, I got an award! is something special to me because someone thought my blog has something good, even if is a little good thing. I received this from Juliet . Thank you! Your blog is very special for me n_n

En otras noticias, tengo un reconocimiento! es algo especial para mí porque alguien pensó que mi blog tiene algo bueno, aún si es una pequeña cosa buena. Recibí esto de Juliet. Gracias!. Tu blog es muy especial para mí n_n.

Now to the rules of this award:/Las reglas para este reconocimiento son:

1.-Place the logo within your blog or post /pon el logo en tu blog o en algún post

2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers / pasa el reconocimiento a 12 blogs

3. Link the nominees within the post /Linkea a los nominados en el post

4. Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog /hazles saber a los nominados que han recibido el reconocimiento dejando un comentario en su blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award / comparte el cariño y linkea a la persona de quien has recibido el reconocimiento (conste que no son mis reglas ehh)

Here are my twelve nominees ,I choosen the blogs that have left something to me:

Aquí están mis doce nominados, los elegí por que sus blogs han dejado algo en mí:

1.-Chubby Hobby


3.-Mola Coser


5.-La vida compartida

6.- Very purple person

7.-An artful life

8.-MDW's Love

9.-Pieces of fate

10.-Faerie dust dreams

11.-Cristali Designs

12.-Comin' home

I don't care if you don't link me, or even if you decide don't pay attention to this award, I only want you to know that your blog have touched my life =D

No me importa si no me linkeas, incluso si deciden no poner atención a este reconocimiento, solo quiero que sepan que su blog ha tocado mi vida =D

Well.... I have to take a rest.....

Bueno.... tengo que descansar...


Err.... better I'll go to work.. u_u

Eh.....mejor me voy a trabajar... u_u



antmee said...

Thank you for your kindness in giving me an award. I am touched.

Also congratulations on your win. Your package looks like its full of many goodies.

PS will do a post in a day or so (got an ugly pouch I made to show (lol) It didnt turn out too well but got to show the beasts as well as the beauties hey?

Unknown said...

Gracie, Thank you so much! You are so sweet to give me a sunshine award! I've never gotten one ever!

I'm so happy to have met you and am thrilled to meet someone from Mexico especially. I love getting to know someone who is from another country. You are at the top of my Show & Tell tomorrow by the way! I love your art!

I will post the award on my blog proudly and pass it on to 12 bloggers.


Gracie "Neky White" said...

Antmee: I would love to see that pouch! ^^

Donna: I'm happy that you're happy jojojo I like to meet people from others countries too! Whatever you want to know about me or my country, please ask! XD

Susan said...

I LOVE th goodies you rec'd! Lucky you :) that pink flower ribbon is lovely!!

Further----I am very flattered that you have chosen my blog as one that makes you smile, I will add you name to my list, as I already have this award. It makes me feel good to know someone is getting something out of my blog!

Are you following along on wreck this journal...I know you were going to try to make your own, that is why I post the directions for the next day the day before...I lost time this week, due to my own attitude (depression) and for that I apologize, but I am going to put up 2 days worth of instructions today for Monday.

Thanks again Gracie!!

MarissaDW said...

Thanks for for the sunshine award. YOu made my day. I'm soooo glad to see that you received the OWOH prize. Enjoy it!


Jo said...

Hi Gracie~~ Thank you so very much for nominating me for the award!

I'm really flattered, and happy at the same time that my blog has touched someone else's crafty life~ And thank you very much for being part of my crafty life as well!!^^

Jo said...

Hi Gracie, I tried leaving a comment, but it didn't work>< So I'll try again!

Just wanna say thank you for nominating me for the award~ I'm flattered and happy that my blog has touched someone's crafty life! I also want to thank you for being part of my crafty journey^^

Congrats for the win as well:)

sfer said...

Muchas gracias por la parte que me toca!! ^^

Gracie "Neky White" said...

thanks to you girls!!

Anonymous said...

привет, и что дальше!