Friday, March 19, 2010

Saquito gatil

For my bookbinding course, the teacher asked us to make a little sack filled with rice to make it heavy. She suggested filling a sock with rice, but I thought, why not do something cute?

Para mi curso de encuadernación, la maestra nos pidió hacer un pequeño saquito relleno con arroz para hacerlo pesado.Ella sugirió rellenar un calcetín con arroz, pero pensé: por qué no hacer algo más bonito?



This little sack is used to put weight on the sheets that will be stitched

Este pequeño saco se usa para poner peso sobre las hojas que serán cosidas


since it's filled with rice, it can be used as a pincushion too!

Ya que está relleno de arroz, puede ser usado como alfiletero también!

However, there's something I didn't like , some parts contracted! (ok, I'm not so sure about this word, how can you call this?)

Sin embargo, hay algo que no me gustó, algunas partes se fruncieron!!

(click to enlarge)

You know something to prevent this?? ¡_¡

Saben algo para prevenir esto?

Cambio y fuera


antmee said...

Maybe "puckered" is a word for this. I sometimes have the same issue. I think we all do.

Hints I have heard are: 1) Use tiny stitches at these corners. 2) clip carefully into the seam a couple of times to help the seam allowance fan out. 3) trim seam allowance close to stitching.

The last two steps are frightening on fabric that frays easily. Fray stop in a fine line around stitching may help prevent fraying so you can trim excess fabric away without seam weakness.

Hope this helps.

By the way is there a tutorial or hints on making "kitty" as I am in love with the cuteness.

Unknown said...

Gracie, Thanks for commenting on my blog! By the way, your sock kitty is so darling! You probably need to clip right up to the stitching in the seam allowance. Then when you turn it, there will be more free movement. Clip several times so there will be stretch in all the joints.

Gracie "Neky White" said...

thank you so much for the tips girls!