Saturday, March 6, 2010


I finally did it!! I finished ALL the 26 charms , was a little of hard work but I'm relaxed and satisfied now n__n.
Here's a little of the "making of":

Finalmente lo hice! Terminé TODOS los 26 "charms", fué un poco de trabajo duro pero ahora estoy relajada y satisfecha.
Aquí un poco del "making of":


Cutting all the pieces/cortando todas las piezas

The design of Alice was a hell X_X/El diseño de Alicia fué un infierno

After designing, cutting, hand sewing... they were ready to be packed

Después de diseñar, cortar, coser a mano... estuvieron listos para ser empacados.


I think the rabbit is prettier than it should have been O_o. I'm totally satisfied with the chesire cat, with that huge and naughty smile.I was inspired by a image of the book, with the cat hiding behind the leaves.

Pienso que el conejo es más bonito de lo que deberpia haber sido O_o. Estoy totalmente satisfecha con el gato de Chesire, con esa enorme y traviesa sonrisa. Me inspiré en una imagen del libro, con el gato escondiendose detrás de las hojas de los árboles.

I made three designs of Alice and finally I decided for this. Don't you think she looks like "Clara Seseman" of the anime Heidi? (except for the apron of course).
Well... I hope the girls likes the things I made ^^.

Hice tres diseños de Alicia y finalmente me decidí por este. No creen que se parece a Clara Seseman del anime Heidi? (excepto por el delantal, claro).
Bueno, espero que a las chicas les guste!!

Have a nice day.


MarissaDW said...

Gracie, I saw your comment on my blog regarding the Charm Exchange. I guess you had no problem starting. I still have to start mine. Have been busy with getting ready for the second hand stamp and scrap sale at Bizzy B's (local store in Toronto). I love your charms, I'm looking forward to getting one of yours.

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

te aseguro que valio la pena tu gran trabajo ; te quedaron lindisimos,supertiernos.
good job !!

Jo said...

Those charms r absolutely adorable!! I'm sure the girls will love them!!!! CUTE!

julietk said...

Wow you have been busy :-)

antmee said...

I really like these! Especially the Cheshire cat!

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Thank you girls! You make me feel confident XD

Unknown said...

Those are such cute charms! I'd love to have you submit them for my Show & Tell this Friday! I think all my followers would love to see them.

Show & Tell is just every one showing each other what project they are 'working on' or something they've just finished. And then we all get to admire each other's work.

It's open to anyone. Just visit my blog at

I signed up to follow you because you are making such cute things and I like them very much.

Thanks for visiting,
Comin' Home

julietk said...

I have received a Sunshine award and would like to pass it on to you.Please see my blog for details,
regards Juliet.