Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giveaway time

Yesterday begun the great giveaway day of sew mama sew. I Would have liked to enter but righ now I'm broke T_T. I wanna enter next time!

This is a perfect opportunity to discover new things in the blog world. Personally I visited many links with cool blogs and shops but these are my favorites:

Rosa e chocolate: I love her patchwork!! such a cute bookcovers *_*

A bit of this and bit of that: Beautiful dolls designs!! and here's her giveaway

La vida compartida: She has gorgeous quilts, and besides is mexican like me! ^.^

Chubby Hubby: She have some useful tutorials

and so many others that I'm following now! Please visit their blogs =D

edit:I add other GREAT giveaway

Ana Michelle Quilts: Gorgeous Quilts, I must say it!

I'm gonna cross my fingers!!! XD

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