Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My first time at crocheting!

This quick post is to say Hi! and to let you know that now I'm obssesed with crocheting, I love it!!! I always thought that I was unabled to learn because I believed that was very hard but now look at me! I learned!!! XD
All thanks to this video:

The first thing I made to practice is this dish cloth. I'm very excited! XD


Then I began to practice more and I made this spiral scarf



All in order to learn how to make the things that I've always wanted to: Amigurumis!! XP

See You! ♥


Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Dear ,Grace:
congratulations !!
Te quedo todo muy lindo.

Jo @ Chubby*Hobby said...

well done!!! hehe
i thought it was hard too!! and i love it as well! i'm glad i learnt!:)

antmee said...

Same reason I want to learn to crochet! To make those cute softies! Thanks for the video link.

antmee said...

Amigurumis and crocheted flowers are the reasons I would love to learn how to crochet as well! I have a crochet hook and some wool but thats as far as I have got! lol

Anonymous said...

Впечатляющая идея, как скоро ожидается публикации новенького материала и вообще стоит ждать ?

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Thanks Marivel and Jo!

Antmee: I hope you decide to learn! you will like it!

Honey from the Bee said...

You've really made progress.. a natural at crochet! said...

Would you by any chance have the pattern of this scarf ???
Merci beaucoup from a beginner at crochet !