Wednesday, October 20, 2010

El dia de muertos is here!

Next November 2nd will be "Dia de muertos" (day of dead) and everywhere you can see sugar and chocolate skulls, cempasuchitl flowers, pumpkins, "pan de muerto" (a kind of sweet bread).
I love this celebration because all is full of color and tradition! XD

Sweet bread:


Mini graves:


Sugar skulls:


Sugar pumpkins and coffins:


Many "calaveritas", from the bigger to the smaller (I don't like those giant skulls with those eyes O_O) :


I even bought a chocolate coffin and a pair of skulls! the coffin seems to have something inside...:


When could be a good time to eat them? =9

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MarissaDW said...

These treats looked delicious! Enjoy the celebration. They're celebrating it here this weekend and there's a show my friend Carmi is participating in.