Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nut's heart

I was breaking nuts and noticed a curious shape...


a heart! ♥

Have a good day ^^


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

I made my first pajama shorts. I actually made two. I wear them to bed every night. I am so happy with them. I should probably make some pants soon as it the weather will start getting cold. Hope you'll come take a look. By the way, I am turning 10 this weekend.


Jo said...

OMG Gracie that's such an awesome pic~ I always think that nature is full of surprises!!

Thanks for dropping by~ I'm so glad to be back in the blogworld hehe~~
Have a lovely wkend~^^

Unknown said...

I think that is a good sign of something!

I love all the adorable things that you have made, so cute...