Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Yup. today is the "Dia de las Madres" (mother's day) here in my country... so I want to wish a happy day to my dear readers who are mothers.

Today I will share with you the story of one of the moms in my house (the other is my own mom of course =p )

Muza was a very lovely cat.One day she got lost for three days, and when she came back,she brought a little surprise..:


a few weeks later...


five cute kitties were born, and they grew quikly



Sadly we could only keep two of the kitties, Muza was a little sad but happy for being with her two daughters: Pelos and Minimiú


now they're a happy family!

well.... not exactly, they sometimes fight each other u_u...


I wish you a happy Mother's day!

Gracias mami por ser mi mamá ¡_¡


Jo said...

What a lovely story!:)

antmee said...

I have been away so this is a bit late but "Happy Mothers Day" !!

Beautiful kitties too!!