Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cositas bonitas

I'm so happy! the charms for the "Alice in wonderland charm swap" have arrived!! XD


if you want to see more detailed photos, go to Michelle´s blog. Wonderful job girls!!

in other things, I made this easy notebook following this tutorial


I used cardboard for the cover, I glued one leaf I found in the street (I like it so much! *_*) and some "lentejuelas" , those little shiny things, how it is called in english?

It's a very easy tutorial! please try it ^^.

that's all folks!



Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

hello: cute notebook.
lentejuela es: sequin.

julietk said...

Sweet card, I will go and look at the charms :-)

antmee said...

lovely card! Love the leaf and the sequins.

And I think I have already mentioned how much I love your charms especially the cat one but hey! more flattery doesn't hurt does it? :)