Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kindred spirits

Looking for the giveaway? Click here.
We broke the barrier of the 1000 participants! (^o^) I'm so happy for Lisa and for all the people who makes that possible! I'm very excited about discover new people and all sorts of beautiful worlds: girls, mothers, grandmothers, men, students, artists, novices, experts, vintage lovers....even bums like me =p. Is so amazing that people can give a little of their heart, yeah, the things you make with your own hands contains a little of your heart, isn't it? . That's what unites us, the desire to give something to someone who might be far off.

I'm so grateful for all your nice comments, I wish I could give a gift to each person T_T . I suppose it's the sad thing about the event, but instead, we maintain ties with nice people with all their creativity and their beautiful creations. That's priceless ^^
I will visit ALL the blogs of the people who are participating in my giveaway. Right now I'm busy visiting all the participant blogs (they're so many, I wonder if I can do it in time?)
Well... let's continue the ride!
ps. Hope you like the quick drawing I made for this special occasion ^^u

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