Friday, April 8, 2011

Pay It Forward (reloaded)

In past days, I received this package from Pauline, at Fat Connection.

En dias pasados, recibí este paquete de Pauline, en Fat Connection


That remembers me I still need two people! Well.... I lost contact with Juliet who would be the first , so I guess I need three persons now. But what is this "pay it forward" thing? please, read this post.

Eso me recuerda que aún necesito dos personas! bueno... perdí contacto con Juliet quien sería la primera , asi que supongo que ahora necesito tres personas. pero que es esta cosa de "Pay it Forward"? por favor, lean este post

Now it will not be a surprise gift but one chosen by you. It can be a pouch for make up or money plus keychain, maybe a pencil case, coasters, pot holders, etc. Of course, with some little extras (sewing supplies). Come on! Just say it in the comment section and you will be part of this huge chain!

Ahora no será un regalo sorpresa sino uno elegido por ti. Puede ser una cosmetiquera, o monedero además de un llavero, quizás una lapicera, posavasos, agarraderas para las ollas, etc. Por supuesto algo extra (implementos de costura). Venga! sólo dilo en la sección de comentarios y serás parte de esta enorme cadena!

Have a good weekend ♥


camcraft said...

Hi :-)
You were a door prize winner on my blog for 'One World' Was just catching up on blogs etc. Looks like your door prize hasn't turned up so far? It is only the second time posting to Brazil and the 1st package took an age to arrive .. fingers crossed it arrives soon. I also posted a 'pay it forward' sometime back but had no response :-( Anyway, enough waffling .. Love your blog and so love Bernard .. am just learning to crochet. I would like to take part in 'pay it forward'
Carole x

Mafalda said...

Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog. Efectivamente el enlace estaba roto, ya te puedes bajar la revista. Siempre serás bienvenida a mi blog. Abrazos.