Thursday, January 21, 2010

My little stash

This time I wanna show you my stash. It's a little small but I think is decent for make some cute things =p
You see something repetitive?

Yeah! I must confess! I LOVE flowers fabrics ¡_¡ they are just beautiful. But desings of animals and nature are my favorite too (ah, and dots jujuju ^^)

My stash grew this month with some "donations" from my mother and boyfriend. I bought some too.

This is my favorite fabric for now.
I like it so much because the print is very clear =D

Speaking of wich, I like cottons and natural fibers. In my country there's some decent stores where you can buy a great variety of fabrics.I realized that imported cottons are pretty good but we have a few with the same quality but the desings are childish.
One meter of good mexican cotton cost usd$3.5 approx.
Cheap cotton usd$1.5, and
American cotton usd$6.5
This is an example of how much it cost the fabric in my city. I would like to know how much it cost the fabric in your city ^^

ps.Sorry if my english is wrong


Lorraine said...

lovely fabric..I am glad that you are using it as I tend to just look at my fabric for ages..sad arent I..thanks for visiting my blog

Lisa W. said...

Hello Gracie, Nice to meet you. I just entered your OWOH giveaway. My grandfather was from Mexico and my grandmothers parents too (my moms parents). I have always wanted to go there. Maybe someday I can. Love your fabrics! I am from the U.S. but am living in Canada right now. Fabrics here are very expensive they run $14 to $20 a meter. Awful, I know! I get a lot of my fabric online from the states other wise I would not be able to afford to quilt! LOL! Will be back to visit your blog.