Friday, December 16, 2011

Very busy

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm not dead yet, I'm just VERY busy studying for a VERY VERY hard exam that I will take on january.I'm sad because I let my crafty life for a moment but I hope this would worth it.
In other things, this year I didn't make it in time to participate in the sew mama sew giveaway (again). I always start the year thinking about that and then when I see the blog ,the event has already begun! X( .Well, I hope I finally can participate next year.
And speaking of which, I'm preparing myself for the next and first blog event of "Our World, Our Art" that Lisa Swifka will be holding (the creator of "One World One Heart" that this year had over 1000 participants!) .Anyone who have an artsy spirit can participate, see more info here!

Once I finish my exam, I will retake the "Pay it forward" thing that I MUST to acomplish too!! I will make really cute things that nobody could refuse to participate =p.

since I have nothing to show you this time, I leave you with a photo of my three little cats:


PD. Forgive me if me english is wrong please! It's very difficult for me to write in another language

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer vacation

Hi again!!

Long time no see uh? This summer I went to a place near my city called "Zacatlan de las manzanas" in the beautiful state of Puebla. Here some photos!






This town's name literally means "Zacatlan of apples" because there's a lot of apples everywhere!


These days they sell apple pies, apples with caramel, chocolate or chili.Apple's wine, apple's marmalade, apple's sauce, apple's soda, everything with apples! I eat a baked apple.Very delicious! =9

I hope you like the photos n_n

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crocheted pulpito

I have been busy making some bookbinding to sell these days. I want to make more amigurumi but the bussiness is first right? The only thing I did for pleasure is this cute octopus, the pattern is available for free thanks to EssHaych !!!

He estado ocupada haciendo algunas encuadernaciones para vender estos dias. Quiero hacer más amigurumis pero el negocio es primero cierto?? La unica cosa que he hecho por placer es este lindo pulpito. El patrón está disponible gratuitamente gracias a EssHaych !!! (en ingles)


Isn't cute???? XD

Have a good day ♥

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pay It Forward (reloaded)

In past days, I received this package from Pauline, at Fat Connection.

En dias pasados, recibí este paquete de Pauline, en Fat Connection


That remembers me I still need two people! Well.... I lost contact with Juliet who would be the first , so I guess I need three persons now. But what is this "pay it forward" thing? please, read this post.

Eso me recuerda que aún necesito dos personas! bueno... perdí contacto con Juliet quien sería la primera , asi que supongo que ahora necesito tres personas. pero que es esta cosa de "Pay it Forward"? por favor, lean este post

Now it will not be a surprise gift but one chosen by you. It can be a pouch for make up or money plus keychain, maybe a pencil case, coasters, pot holders, etc. Of course, with some little extras (sewing supplies). Come on! Just say it in the comment section and you will be part of this huge chain!

Ahora no será un regalo sorpresa sino uno elegido por ti. Puede ser una cosmetiquera, o monedero además de un llavero, quizás una lapicera, posavasos, agarraderas para las ollas, etc. Por supuesto algo extra (implementos de costura). Venga! sólo dilo en la sección de comentarios y serás parte de esta enorme cadena!

Have a good weekend ♥

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bernard the bear

These days I was practicing my crochet skills and I searched through many patterns. I found a magazine with this cute bear pattern.His name is Bernard and is supposed to be brown but at that moment I haven't had brown yarn (I said it right?) , so I used blue.

Estos días he estado practicando mis habilidades crochetiles y busqué por muchos patrones. Encontré una revista que traía este lindo patrón de oso. Su nombre es Bernard y se supone que debe ser de color café pero no tenía estambre café así que usé azul.



Maybe Bernard is hot? Is really hot these days here!

PS. Here you can download the magazine (spanish)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Praying for Japan

Just a quick post to say that I'm shocked for the disaster in Japan. I'm glad that almost every japanese ladies I follow in blogosphere are Ok, I'm waiting news from Jo, at Chubby Hobby.
I hope this tragedy can pass as soon as possible. Let's pray for Japan.

Solo un breve post para decir que estoy conmocionada por el desastre en Japón. Estoy contenta que casi todas las chicas japonesas que sigo en la blogosfera están bien. Estoy esperando noticias de Jo en Chubby Hobby.
Espero que esta tragedia pase lo antes posible. Oremos por Japón.

My warmest hugs

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The postman was busy

The postman has been very busy these days, with all these very expected packages.I was very lucky to have won these beautiful prizes!
The first is this piece of art from Lisa at pritistudio.I have hung it on the wall already, but my cat seems to look at it with malice ...maybe I need to think another place.

El cartero ha estado muy ocupado estos días, con todos estos paquetes tan esperado. Tuve mucha suerte por haber ganado estos hermosos premios!!
La primera es esta pieza de arte de Lisa, en pritistudio. Ya lo he colgado en la pared, pero mi gato parece mirarlo con malicia.... tal vez necesito pensar en otro lugar.


It has little bells... maybe Minimiu think this is for her...

These are the other items. A beautiful crocheted cuff from Mary Ann at Follow your bliss (I really love the colors!) . Two pairs of religious earrings from Wanda at Two Crafty Mules (they're very unique) and a colorful plushie and book from Janet at Janet's Art Play.

Estos son los otros premios. Un brazalete tejido a crochet de Mary Ann en Follow your Bliss, (realmente me encantan los colores!). Dos pares de aretes con motivos religiosos de Wanda en Two Crafty Mules (son unicos!) y un colorido plushie y un libro de Janet en Janet's Art Play.


I really love these gifts!!

The name of the book is " Creative is a verb" and it really has touched me. The author is Patti Digh and she says that "we minimize ourselves in so many ways, and stop ourselves from living our most creative life.....We learn to diminish the bright light we bring into the world, to make it smaller, to hide it, put a shade on it.We do it for many reasons: to raise others up, to avoid comparisons, to minimize the fall when we fail, to protect and explain and rationalize and, it seems, to cover. "
The book is full with beautiful quotes that makes you think like "Don't apologize for who you are or the art you create- C.J. Rider-" .
and you know what? it is true!! Sometimes people ask me "what do you do?" and I say, "Oh, nothing really, just simple things, notebooks and pouches, nothing". Like if my creations are not important, nothing to be considerated as a real job! what happen to me?? I'M AN ARTIST!! Maybe not a great one, but I try everyday to improve myself.
I really needed this book!! Thank you so much for this Janet (and to the author of course)

El nombe del libro es "Creativo es un verbo" y realmente me ha tocado. La autora es Patti Digh y ella dice que "nos minimizamos a nosotros en tantas maneras, nos detenemos a nosotros mismos de vivir nuestra vida más creativa...aprendemos a disminuir la luz brillante que traemos al mundo, a hacerla pequeña, a esconderla, a ponerle una sombra. Lo hacemos por muchas razones: para enaltecer a los demás, para evadir comparaciones, para minimizar la caída cuando fracasamos, para proteger y explicar y racionalizar y, al parecer, para ocultar.

El libro está lleno de frases que te hacen pensar como "No te disculpes por quien eres o por el arte que creas-C.J. Rider"

Y saben que? Es cierto! a veces la gente me pregunta " a que te dedicas?" Y digo "oh, nada realmente, solo cosas simples, libretas, monederos..nada". Como si mis creaciones no fueran importantes, nada digno de ser considerado un trabajo de verdad! que me pasa??? SOY UNA ARTISTA! Tal vez no una grande, pero todos los días me esfuerzo por mejorar.

Realmente necesitaba este libro!!! Gracias Janet (y a la autora por supuesto!)

Have a good weekend =D